Padlock Guard

made in Australian from
316 stainless steel

stops thieves
breaking padlocks

insurance approved

10 year
manufacturer guarantee

what is Padlock Guard

designed to


all methods

opportunistic, smash and grab
semi professional thieves
use to break a padlock

Padlock Guard made from 316 stainless steelPadlock Guard made from 316 stainless steel, stops thieves breaking padlocksstops thieves breaking padlocks

Padlock Guard 10 out of 10 security rating and insurance approved

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made from, designed to protect and why should you purchase this Australian made security device

Padlock Guard is made from

316 stainless steel.

designed to protect

The padlock you own being broken by thieves.

why should you purchase Padlock Guard

Stop a thief breaking your padlock when your asset is secured with a chain and padlock.

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Padlock Guard designed to protect most padlocks

Padlock Guard will protect most padlocks with a:

this represents about 80%
of all padlocks purchased

no matter the brand of padlock you own

padlock closed inside Padlock Guardpadlock closed inside the stainless steel cover, 10mm diameter high tensile chain purchased separately10mm diameter high tensile chain purchased separately

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why should you purchase 10mm diameter high tensile chain with Padlock Guard

are you aware

security is only as strong
as its weakest point

the first stage is

Being proactive making a decision to purchase the Australian made Padlock Guard to protect your padlock from the three methods thieves use to break a padlock, they are:

leverage attackthis is a leverage attack, a quick and quite method to break a padlock of any size
hammer attackthis is a hammer attack, one of three methods to break a padlock of any size
bolt cutter attackbolt cutter used to cut a link in mild steel chain or cut the padlock's shackle

the second stage is

The type of chain used.

why is the type of chain important

There is no point buying and using 4mm or 6mm diameter mild steel chain most people use to secure:

When 4mm or 6mm diameter mild steel chain is easy and quick to cut with a cheap 12 inch bolt cutter a thief can buy at Bunnings, Mitre 10 or their local hardware shop for about five dollars.

does the following
look like your security

rusty mild steel chain and cheap padlockrusty mild steel chain and cheap padlock used to secure most factory gatesused to secure most factory gates

if yes you need to purchase

10mm diameter high tensile chain10mm diameter high tensile chain, cannot be cut with a bolt cutter no matter how long the bolt cutter iscannot be cut with a bolt cutter no matter how long the bolt cutter is

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Before we sold the first Padlock Guard in June 2010 we, the manufacturer, spent a lot of time thinking about the question:

how long should we
guarantee each Padlock Guard


Based on our research most imported security products have no manufacturer warranty.

The only warranty you get is the six month minimum Australian government mandatory warranty from the importer or retailer for all products imported into Australia unless otherwise stated.

back to our question

We know for a fact each Padlock Guard will last a life time eg. 25, 50 or 75 years no doubt longer due to the superior material used to manufacture them, 316 stainless steel and no moving parts but we also knew we had to be realistic.

We believe a 10 year guarantee gives purchasers 100% confidence they are buying a high quality security product from a 100% Australian owned business.

we are proud to say

since our first sale in June 2010

until today May 17, 2022

we have never had a

warranty claim

we are confident we never will

not many companies can state the above fact

buy today
May 17, 2022

the Australian manufacturer
will guarantee it until

May 17, 2032

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